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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Year of Quilting!

8:41 PM Posted by SnowSews
I can't believe that it's been a year since I started quilting! When I found out last February that I was pregnant, I really wanted to make something for my teeny tiny baby. She was going to be my first, and what better way to celebrate her arrival than a baby quilt? I had been pinning baby quilts for a long time. It was time I stepped up and actually made one.

I decided to make a puff quilt, and decided to blog about it as well. Mainly the blogging was to be my journal filled with tips for the next one. I posted here a couple of times, but that tapered off as I could barely sit thanks to advancing pregnancy and SPD pain.

It took me a few months to complete this crib-size beauty. I learned a lot, especially that Minky fabric is a pain to work with, what a walking foot does, how to bind a quilt, how not to over stuff those squares.


I love this quilt so much. I love quilting, even though there wasn't much quilting involved. Just a few hand-tied knots at each junction, and stitching-in-the-ditch at the corners. 

But having bought many wonderful fabrics while planning this quilt, I realized something. I was hoarding my nicer fabrics, ones from Art Gallery and Moda and Freespirit. I would constantly take them out, pet them, and carefully put them back in my "Nice" bin. I would cut into the not-so-nice stuff that I bought from chain stores. And when the final piece was done, when the quilt was complete, I had something that just wasn't 100% loved, just because I didn't love a few fabrics.

So I'm forcing myself to cut into those carefully hoarded beauties. First to be opened is Moda's Cuzco by Kate Spain, my treasured jelly roll. I had the good fortune to buy a scrap pack to go with it, so I do have a little more than just 40 2.5" strips, which will make me a full-size quilt if I am careful. Isn't this beautiful?

Here is a lovely quilt that uses Cuzco. I would love to make something like this! And thank you, Ya Ya's Sweet Shoppe, for the free pattern.

Another of my favorite lines is Joel Dewberry's Bungalow. Dang, these prints are amazing. So warm, yet so soothing. My favorite is the one with the birds. 


And this quilt they made to promote the line? INCREDIBLE. Who comes up with this stuff?! I want to learn from them. < Hint: Google assures me this was designed by Joel Dewberry himself. >

Bungalow Quilt

Say it with me: So very pretty.

A new line I have my eye on right now is Moda's Modern Neutrals by Amy Ellis, just recently available in the market. I don't usually like neutrals since I find them quite drab, but a well-placed neutral is more valuable than any print in my opinion. I have no issue with white and cream and navy, but hate brown with a passion. I must challenge myself to make a brown quilt that rocks my world. Maybe a purple pairing? Mint green? Both? For now, a look at the coveted Modern Neutrals.

And the Modern Neutrals in action.

I wish quilting didn't take so long! I want to make ALL THE QUILTS!