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Thursday, March 30, 2017

HIATUS! And why :)

10:39 PM Posted by SnowSews
Hi! I've been away from this blog for an uncomfortably long time. For a while I was a little burned out, and then we found out we were moving states! And then we got pregnant. And then came baby. And then...

Back in April last year, we found out two of our closest friend-families were moving to Dallas, Texas.  Both husbands worked with mine, and we just couldn't bear the thought of being left behind. So we put in for a transfer to Dallas too! And while our friends got three months to move, we got barely three weeks to sell our house and find something in the new city. All my fabric had to be packed willy-nilly, eliminating the purge that usually precedes a move. Hectic doesn't even describe it!

Just as we moved to Texas, and were in temp housing, we found out I was pregnant. This was a long awaited baby but the timing was terrible! I needed to settle M into her new school, unpack everything into the new house that we hadn't even closed on.. the list was long and the morning sickness terrible. And by terrible I mean I could smell body odor if I just entered a room. Ugh.

I spent the next nine months trying really hard not to be sick. Yay!!

February we welcomed darling baby T, and I'm getting back to my testing commitments slowly. Nursing and pregnancy have changed my body but I'll have to learn to work with it. Fitting is going to be big on my list of things to learn, as is what's right for my shape style and color wise. My resolutions for 2017 are to be more mindful of what I sew, and what patterns and fabric I keep.

So I'm picking back up from where I left off, and I promise to try and do better this time with the blog. Please stick with me!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

TESTER: Made for Mermaids Juliette

5:55 PM Posted by SnowSews

The Made for Mermaids Juliette Top and Dress. Size 2, top version. Shhhh. Just enjoy the pics.

Here is the write-up from the website: This pattern comes in sizes 1/2 – 14, see size chart below. Juliette is a beautiful pattern suitable for knit fabrics. The full, twirly circle skirt comes 3 lengths: top, dress or maxi length. Add ruffles to your maxi for a stunning, showstopper of a dress! The front bodice is fully lined and the back has elastic at the top. The dress is built in with negative ease to accodate the full, long skirt. You can dress this up for a flower girl dress or your daughter can wear the top, dress and simple maxi for everyday.

TESTER: Wardrobe By Me Haute Curvy Pants

5:51 PM Posted by SnowSews

Since I have gained a bit of weight well, a lot of weight, I needed to make myself some new pants. Serendipitously, I signed up to test the new haute Curvy pants from Wardrobe by me.

I had tested the original version, and they were my favorite pants for a long time, till I outgrew them. These are just as comfortable and have the added benefit of a control top!

TESTER: Love Notions Sabrina Slims

5:31 PM Posted by SnowSews

Here are my Sabrina Slims! Perfect for work or play, for stretch wovens or knits, these pants make you look like the bomb. Excellent instructions for fitting them to YOUR body as well!

From the listing: The Sabrina Slims were inspired by the 1950’s ‘cigarette’ style pants most notably worn by Audrey Hepburn. The Love Notions take on this classic style features a wide, contoured waistband that sits just below the navel, a slim fit through the waist and hips and straight from the knees down. This is a slim-fit pant from waist to knee and then straight to ankle. They are close fitting but not leggings close if using the recommended fabric. The Sabrina Slims are meant to hit at the ankle but instructions are included to lengthen if desired. Also included are optional welt pockets and center front and back seaming to add interest and give the illusion of length. Petite, regular and tall inseams are included. Make the pants maternity by adding either the underbelly or the over belly waistband.
Recommended fabric: Stable medium to heavyweight knits with at least 25% stretch such as ponte, scuba, french terry, interlock and cotton/lycra. Medium weight wovens with at least 30% stretch such as sateen, corduroy, twill, jacquard and denim. See the third image in the listing for more info on fabric requirements and size chart.

TESTER: Sew Straight and Gather - Legends Top and Dress

5:11 PM Posted by SnowSews

The Sew Straight and Gather brand is a fun, relatively new brand that is doing great things for classic patterns. All her patterns fit well and are drafted to fit a large range of sizes.

The Legends top is for cotton lycra, and it's a really surprisingly flattering style. Even though it's fitted and I'm at my chubbiest, it holds my lumps in.Yay!

These photos were taken with a tripod in my backyard, since I was on a tight deadline and no hubby access :)

TESTER: Wardrobe By Me Haute Sneha Top and Tunic

4:58 PM Posted by SnowSews

What happens when you pester a designer for a particular pattern? She names it after you! Here's the Sneha Tunic that makes for some absolutely amazing finished items. I had gained a lot of weight pushing me out of the top end of the pattern, so I didn't make more than just this one. I'm going to get back to this one once I lose some chub.

Sneha Tunic dress  size 0-16 / 30-46 is a jersey tunic with a draped hemline. The pattern is designed with options for either symmetric or asymmetric hemline, 3 neckline options, a regular fitted sleeve with 5 length options as well as lengths from tunic to dress. The illustration below shows 4 possible hemline options. The pattern has 2 options for lower body, A-Body with dropping hemline as well as dress length, and B-Body with less flare and 2 tunic lengths.The necklines and sleeve lengths are interchangeable.

TESTER: The JillyAtlanta Lottie Bonnet

4:51 PM Posted by SnowSews

I was so thrilled to test the new, FREE Lottie bonnet by JillyAtlanta. It's the perfect Easter bonnet, well,  Spring bonnet actually.

This darling model is our Lottie, my dear neighbor's one year old, and since the pattern shares her name, I had to make one for her.

I tested the XL size, and like all JA patterns, this one came together absolutely perfectly. There are pin tuck marks, detailed explanations and more.

Thanks to this designer, I even learned how to turn long skinny tubes of fabric! Love this designer! Follow her on FB here.