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Thursday, January 15, 2015

AddieK Designs' Canny Tunic - Tester Pics!

10:39 AM Posted by SnowSews
AddieK Designs is a great, fun designer. She is a college professor, and has taught hundreds of students to sew. How awesome is that? Her patterns are aimed at allowing you to fit sewing into your busy schedule, which I really appreciate. I was fortunate enough to get to test her Canny Tunic for women, and OMG, it's absolutely my favorite tunic this season. It's even got POCKETS!!

My first iteration was in an ITY poly print. Lightweight and swirly, this tunic makes me feel confident even on days that are not so happy. I'm carrying a lot of mommy weight still, and I could use every ego boost I can get.

An added bonus to the length of the tunic is that I can carry Miki on my hip without exposing skin.

Plus, pockets! 

This is my second iteration in a sweater knit. It's so nice and warm that I don't usually need a coat to keep me warm. This one is slightly more fitted.

The stripes don't actually line up, I did goof up that bit slightly, but it really doesn't bother me.

The pockets on this tunic are a lovely bright red! Makes me so happy to cuddle in this tunic. I wear these two every week. First pick from the laundry hamper!