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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Day at the Park! And a Riding Cape from Stitch Upon a Time.

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We had a wonderful day at the park this weekend. We played around, although the grass was wet and the breeze was freezing. Miki wore her Riding Hood cape that I made, and she looked absolutely adorable.

The pattern is by Stitch Upon a Time, the Riding Hood Poncho, and was very easy to sew up. It's double layer fleece, and a full zipper that I had to figure out, since it was a regular zipper, not the separating kind.

I had both fleece fabrics, the zipper and the snaps in my stash. It's not shocking, though. My stash is well stocked. 

I can't believe how confidently she walks. She just started walking a couple of months ago, and she's already striding around like she owns the place!

I absolutely love how excited this baby gets when she sees a dog. She stares at it, completely unafraid, and runs all out at it. The problem? Her shoes. She's so fast, we had to get her those squeaky shoes, and while people may judge, I'd rather know exactly where my little houdini is. Those shoes are hard for dogs to figure out, since they sound like their favorite squeaky toys. So while Miki doesn't look like a squeaky toy, she sure sounds like one!