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Monday, June 1, 2015

Back in the Groove!

2:19 PM Posted by SnowSews
We have finally moved the majority of our possessions into our new home. It's a little house in a little neighborhood, and perfect for the three of us. I absolutely hated not being able to sew all day, everyday, and knowing that my sewing machine was sitting idle while I unpacked a billion boxes these last few weeks was torture. I did, however, test a few new releases in the mean while, and make a few clothing items since I needed hot-and-humid weather items in this coastal city.

First up, is the amazing LoveNotions Women's Bluezette tester pics. A wonderfully simple pattern with over 30 options, this dress can be with or without two kinds of sleeves, slim or blousey bodice, faced or bound necklines, woven or knit skirt with five different skirt options. Whoa!! Here's my first one, with many more to come.

The red top is a mystery synthetic knit with lots of stretch and great recovery, while the skirt is a cotton interlock. I look so great in this dress that I couldn't resist posting all my final pics. I couldn't choose just a few!!