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Friday, April 17, 2015

A Moooove is Coming!

9:37 PM Posted by SnowSews
I've been away from my sewing machine for over a month now, and I haven't missed it all that much, to be perfectly honest. While immersed in my sewing frame of mind, I tend to be constantly on, planning outfits and photoshoots and blog posts, leaving little room for other things. I really needed a break, which these last few weeks have been all about.

We went to India for three weeks, and had a really wonderful holiday. Miki had a blast with both sets of grandparents, going to the park and feeding the neighbors' dogs and eating all kinds of junk food and ice cream while I was not looking. Just as it should be, right?

A few days after we got back home, we found out that we're moving to Columbia, SC. V has accepted a position there, which means packing up our stuff and finally facing the fact that I have a fabric stash bigger than I would care to admit. It's really easy to accumulate things, and over time unless I make an effort to throw things out or sell them, I forget I own something and it just - grows. One yard of shiny fabric becomes a boxful, even though I hate shiny fabric. I have found so much tulle that I just need to give away.

I have been slowly sorting and packing my sewing supplies, and will be away from sewing for another month or so. Wait for me!