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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Serger Love!

10:42 PM Posted by SnowSews
I bought a Brother 1034D in October, and promptly got to exploring the wonderful world of knits. While I still have trouble with slinky ITY knits, on the whole I love how quick and forgiving knits are. As long as you cut on the grain and are careful of the direction of stretch, it's a truly wonderful fabric to work with. In fact, I'm now on the outs with quilting cotton and all the extra steps I must take to sew with it.

I made this tunic from Nap Time Creations' free Raglan Tee Shirt pattern, and only managed a few action shots since she loved it so much. I had a hard time cutting into my Lillestoff that I've been hoarding for so long, but the gorgeous results are so worth it!

Isn't this a great picture of us?

My little baby is walking! I feel old.