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Thursday, March 30, 2017

HIATUS! And why :)

10:39 PM Posted by SnowSews
Hi! I've been away from this blog for an uncomfortably long time. For a while I was a little burned out, and then we found out we were moving states! And then we got pregnant. And then came baby. And then...

Back in April last year, we found out two of our closest friend-families were moving to Dallas, Texas.  Both husbands worked with mine, and we just couldn't bear the thought of being left behind. So we put in for a transfer to Dallas too! And while our friends got three months to move, we got barely three weeks to sell our house and find something in the new city. All my fabric had to be packed willy-nilly, eliminating the purge that usually precedes a move. Hectic doesn't even describe it!

Just as we moved to Texas, and were in temp housing, we found out I was pregnant. This was a long awaited baby but the timing was terrible! I needed to settle M into her new school, unpack everything into the new house that we hadn't even closed on.. the list was long and the morning sickness terrible. And by terrible I mean I could smell body odor if I just entered a room. Ugh.

I spent the next nine months trying really hard not to be sick. Yay!!

February we welcomed darling baby T, and I'm getting back to my testing commitments slowly. Nursing and pregnancy have changed my body but I'll have to learn to work with it. Fitting is going to be big on my list of things to learn, as is what's right for my shape style and color wise. My resolutions for 2017 are to be more mindful of what I sew, and what patterns and fabric I keep.

So I'm picking back up from where I left off, and I promise to try and do better this time with the blog. Please stick with me!