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Friday, June 20, 2014

Sewing Hiatus!

10:25 PM Posted by SnowSews
Hey, Baby! Thanks for the sewing break - not that I needed one. I love you beyond the edge of the universe, but after almost eight months of barely any sewing, I need a little time to myself. Thank you for mastering the ever-elusive "sleepy but awake" stage of napping, and know that even though my sewing machine drowns out your protests, I am still here watching over you. I need two hours of sewing each day to stay sane. And I have almost a year's worth of sewing to catch up on.

What's up: learning to fit my new, post-partum body. I'm learning from Barbara Deckert's course on Craftsy - "Plus Size Pattern Fitting and Design". I really like Ms. Deckert's style of teaching. She gets the job done, all precision fitting is reserved for the basting step of the process which she says is not optional, and explains darts in a phenomenal way. She understands that every figure has variations, and does not shy away from telling it like it is. My kind of lady!

I am, however, unsure of the peplum top she has us doing in the class. I tried out a peplum top yesterday at Forever21 yesterday, which was knit and entirely too small for me, so it clung to my mommy-belly and massive love handles. By making better fabric and fit choices, I hope I look as good as the projects I see from the class on Craftsy. Here's to some mommy-sewing!